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Sunday morning worship

Sunday morning Worship Service begins at 10am, with music, worship, prayer, community. After the welcoming time, children are excused to age-appropriate Children’s Church School, which is available every week.

Holy Communion is offered twice a month.  The schedule varies a bit with Pastor Linda’s preaching schedule.  (If you would like to help prepare the Communion table, see “Preparing the Communion Service” below.)

After the worship service on Communion Sundays, join us for Fellowship Time, to rekindle relationships and check out opportunities to volunteer.

Upcoming Morgan Hill UMC worship experiences

Date Occasion/topic, speaker Communion?
2/4 “Revelation: Visions and the New Earth” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook Communion (full)
2/11 “Repair the Story” with Dr. Haley Feuerbacher
2/14, 7pm
Ash Wednesday
Imposition of Ashes, “The Lesson of the Locust” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook
2/18 Has Come Near” with Trish Catalano
2/25 “Who is Jesus? Friend and Teacher” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook Communion (brief)
3/3 “Who is Jesus? Savior and Lord” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook Communion (full)
3/10 “Who is Jesus? The Way and Presence” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook
3/17 TBA with Dr. Haley Feuerbacher
Palm Sunday
“Heads Down, Thumbs Up!” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook
3/28, 7pm
Maundy Thursday
Communion service with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook Communion (full)
“We Come Seeking Christ” with Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook


Preparing the Communion Service

Our Communion table is prepared by volunteers, on a scheduled sign-up basis.  Please contact Wanda if you would like to help.  The two primary things we need volunteers for are preparing the bread and washing/pressing the linens.

Bread Preparation:  Purchase two small loaves of bread (e.g. “bread bowl”) or large (plain Kaiser) rolls.  Cut one into 50 1” cubes, store in plastic bag. On the other, make a cut through the bottom, about half-way through, so that Pastor Linda can easily tear the loaf in half.  Bring both to the Communion table before the service.

Linen wash/press:  After the service, collect the used linens.  Bring them home and wash them, pre-treating any grape juice stains.  After drying, press them and fold neatly.  Bring them back the following Sunday and either put them on the Communion table before the service, if it’s a Communion Sunday, or in the kitchen cabinet with Communion supplies (back left corner as you enter the kitchen).

Other parts of Communion preparation, usually done by Darcy and Chuck unless otherwise noted:

  • Be sure we have purple grape juice and gluten-free crackers on hand
  • Juice in goblet (about 2” deep)
  • Juice in 50 individual cups, using the “squirter” tool. Arrange the filled cups in 3 trays, spread apart.
  • Gluten-free crackers on ceramic plate
  • Communion table – with helper, bring the table from Fellowship Hall to the front of the altar
  • Arrange items on the table:  
    • Tablecloth first, allowing the inscribed writing on the table edge to be visible
    • From left: Cup tray set with lid in place
    • Then, goblet, covered with narrow “napkin” and rigid linen square
    • Then, plate with whole loaf of bread, covered with clean “napkin” 
    • Then, plate with cubes of bread, covered with clean “napkin”
    • Then, plate with gluten-free crackers, covered with clean “napkin”
    • Then, box of vinyl gloves for servers
  • To right of table (from congregation perspective) have small table with a bowl for used cups.

Previously-recorded Morgan Hill UMC worship experiences

Closing Credits: Wrapping up the MHUMC Video Service Program
“Closing Credits” video page
May 2023 – “Closing Credits: Wrapping up the MHUMC Video Service Program”
For three years, beginning in March 2020 and prompted by the pandemic lock-down, MHUMC offered worship services via online videos.  The program involved many volunteers, and offered a way for our church family to remain connected with the ministry of the church.  As the pandemic waned, and we have returned to in-person worship services, the program has come to a close.  See more info and watch Matthew’s “Closing Credits” video.Click to go to video page
See previously-recorded services for January 2022 through May 21, 2023.

Click to see all services

Additional Resources

Recent sermon series

Random acts of kindness can add joy to others’ lives, and our own, even while we are socially distant.  Get ideas at the Random Acts of Kindness website. Ideas include:

  • Happy Heart Hunt
  • #DoGoodFromHomeChallenge
  • Kindness Calendars
  • Self-Care ideas
  • Sidewalk Chalk messages

Daily devotions

The Upper Room

Upper Room Daily Reflections Devozine

The Upper Room also has many other resources that are helpful for personal and small group prayer time.

For resources to stay grounded during times of uncertainty and isolation, visit UpperRoom.org/covid-19.

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