Kai Shimabukuro
Kai Shimabukuro, Intern for Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Kai Shimabukuro is an intern for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, under the guidance of Pastor Patrick Davis and Jeannie Clayton.

Kai grew up in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, as a pastor’s kid in a mega church.  He enjoyed being surrounded by diverse people and cultures.  He says, “there are no such things as strangers, only family we haven’t yet met.”

He has always had a desire to explore, challenge and ask questions about purpose, spirituality, life and the Bible. “I believe we all have a desire to be in a safe environment, surrounded by safe people. This makes it easy to be our true, authentic selves. This is one out of many characteristics that drew me to the United Methodist Church in Morgan Hill. At the end of the day it is all about love here, and here is a safe place to ponder what that means.”

“The world is both beautiful and broken and in need of healing.” He wants to be a part of that healing process. This includes standing up for social justice, and equality issues, raising a voice and taking action for the suppressed and marginalized, like Jesus did, and at MHUMC is where we do this.

He also has a desire to bring different generations together, to see the older train the young, and the young train the old. He says, “I want to cultivate a safe place for the younger generation to ponder and explore faith through experience, reason, tradition and scripture. I desire a place for this generation to give back to the world, and be given to.”

Kai says, “Above all else, love and unity are my greatest concern, which I believe Jesus has taught, and here at the MHUMC is where I experience it.”