There are many opportunities to serve others. Here are some places to get started.

Support Reach Out food pantry Reach Out is an ecumenically-supported food pantry located behind St. Catherine Parish in Morgan Hill, at 17400 Peak Ave.  They are open M-Sat 1pm-2:30pm for clients to pick up food.  During the open hours, volunteers are needed to greet clients, to bag groceries, and update the paperwork for each client. In addition, volunteers are needed to prepare some of the produce in the mornings. And donations of nonperishable foods and garden produce are welcome. (The nonperishable food we collect during the Sunday worship service goes here.)  If you’re interested in helping, contact Wanda to be connected to the Reach Out volunteer coordinator.
Coffee on Main Each Monday morning, we provide snacks and coffee to the day workers who gather on Main Street. Meet at the corner of Main St. and Depot St. at 7:45am. Contact Greg Huffman for more information.
Prayer Shawls prayer shawlA prayer shawl can provide comfort, solace, hugs, and covering during difficult times and during joyful and contemplative times. Our Mission & Outreach Team is sponsoring a prayer shawl ministry, with knitters in our congregation creating prayer shawls. A prayer shawl is special by being handmade, and made with the intention of giving it to someone as a blessing and virtual hug. Even the creation of the prayer shawls is part of the ministry, as many crafters will pray over the shawl and receive a soothing energy as they work. When prayer shawls are finished, they are blessed by the congregation, and then given to individuals.

If you wish to make prayer shawls, please first contact our Denise or Ted, leaders of our Mission & Outreach team. Then if needed, get ideas at Shawl Ministry, Love Life Yarn, Make & Do Crew, or do Google or YouTube searches for ideas.

Buy thoughtfully with fair trade Support small-scale farmers around the world by buying fairly-traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and other items. In Morgan Hill, some grocery and other stores sell fair-trade items; look for specific labeling. Online, you can purchase from Equal Exchange, Fair Trade America, and other fair trade stores.
Give to our Good Samaritan fund Good Samaritan fundMHUMC’s Good Samaritan fund is for supporting families and individuals in need, by discretion of our Pastor. Your donations to this fund may go to individuals whose needs have been made known to the general church community, or to individuals whose needs are kept private and are known only to the pastor.

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