Have you ever been hungry? Not just “I haven’t eaten in 2 hours,” but “I haven’t eaten in a day.” While a large proportion of US food is grown in California, almost 10% of Californians are food-insecure. In 2019, almost 15 million tons of surplus food went to waste. Today, Pastor Linda and Susan A. describe how we are working with Bread for the World to advocate for farm policies that promote a more equitable food system in California and the US. This is one way to turn faith into action. Today’s service includes Holy Communion. Our services are being held with in-person attendance atRead More →

Fear of being abandoned is an anxiety disorder that is often triggered by loss of a parent or other caregiver figure. It can have a long-term disruption to an individual’s ability to be in relationship with others or even take care of one’s own basic needs. In the days following Jesus’s crucifixion, the disciples had to deal with the loss of their friend and leader, and then his miraculous reappearance. They were not ready to lose him again! In today’s service, Pastor Linda discusses the devastating situation the disciples found themselves in, and how they became reassured that they were not being abandoned. Our servicesRead More →

“I’d have to see it with my own eyes to believe it!”  How is that a valid test for reality? We can’t see the wind, but we feel its presence and see its effects. Long ago, the disciple Thomas claimed he couldn’t believe Jesus rose from the dead because he hadn’t seen and touched his wounds.  Pastor Linda notes that we share Thomas’s situation – we cannot physically touch Jesus’s wounds – but we can see and share the impact of the risen Christ in the lives of others as well as ourselves. Today’s service includes Holy Communion. Our services are being held with in-personRead More →

Have you noticed that most people don’t embrace change? Even our denomination is struggling with change.  Yet we are disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world – and that means change. How do we live in the hope of transformation? Trish discusses how we live in the “Kin-dom” of God with joy, laughter, and singing. Worship doesn’t end with the benediction, it continues into everyday life, and is revived when we gather again. Our services are being held with in-person attendance at 10 a.m. Sunday morning.  Today’s service is provided below in its entirety in video format.  Note that closed captioning isRead More →