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As of July 11, 2021, we are open for in-person worship again.  Knowing that as a faithful community we need to keep the safety of our families and friends we are asking all who attend in-person worship to wear face masks (unless health conditions cause any breathing problems). In addition, we are refraining from close personal contact (like handshakes or hugs) and instead will greet each other with elbow bumps or other similarly sanitary means.  It is heartwarming to see so many of our church community again!

Recorded services are also available through our Worship blog.  (See below for the most recent services.) This blog includes a full recording of the services when available.

Morgan Hill UMC worship experiences 

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October 17, 2021: Why We Give to the Church
October 17, 2021 – “Why We Give to the Church”
In last week’s conversation about “living generously,” we heard how generosity makes us feel good, and benefits the community. Since this conversation is in a church setting, the next logical question is “why give to the church?” There are so many good organizations that benefit the community, the environment, and others around the world – why choose the church? We’ll hear personal stories from church members about why they give specifically to MHUMC.
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October 10, 2021: “Living Generously”
October 10, 2021 – “Living Generously”
Were you taught that it was bad manners to talk about money? It might surprise you to learn that at least ⅓ of Jesus’s parables were about money, especially how it’s used. Today’s service kicks off a 3-week series on generosity, with today’s focus on “Living Generously.” We’ll be talking about how we are stewards of our primary resources of time and money, and the good things that happen when we are generous. 
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See previously recorded services for the last month or so.

If you were unable to attend a service in person, you can still view the service from wherever you are.  Recorded services are made available within a couple of days of the date of the service.

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Worship with us

Sunday morning worship

Sunday morning Worship Service begins at 10am, with music, worship, prayer, community. After the welcoming time, children are excused to age-appropriate Children’s Church School.

After the worship service, join us for Fellowship Time, to rekindle relationships, check out opportunities to volunteer, and have some coffee and snacks.

Weekly resources

Random acts of kindness can add joy to others’ lives, and our own, even while we are socially distant.  Get ideas at the Random Acts of Kindness website. Ideas include:

  • Happy Heart Hunt
  • #DoGoodFromHomeChallenge
  • Kindness Calendars
  • Self-Care ideas
  • Sidewalk Chalk messages

Daily devotions

The Upper Room

Upper Room Daily Reflections Devozine

The Upper Room also has many other resources that are helpful for personal and small group prayer time.

For resources to stay grounded during these times of uncertainty and isolation, visit UpperRoom.org/covid-19.

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