As Christ welcomes all, all are welcomed!  May the love of God, the grace of Christ, the friendship and peace of the Holy Spirit, be with you. If you are participating in this worship experience, know that you are welcomed by a God who loves you more than you will ever know or even understand. Christ is our Light, even during the darkness of this time of isolation, social distancing and sheltering in place.Read More →

As Christ welcomes all, all are welcomed! During this time of extreme health concern, we are providing our worship service experience in a recorded form, so that you may participate with “social distance.” Pastor Patrick’s sermon was on the topic of “Delight.”Read More →

Update: Due to COVID-19 protocols, we did not dedicate pledges on March 15.  Instead, we ask everyone to email or snail-mail their pledge cards (info below) to the church office.   We dedicate 2020 pledges Mar. 15 By Janet Cofie, Finance Team Lead Since the Sunday after Valentine’s Day, we’ve been looking at what it means to support our church with our prayers, our worship attendance, our giving, our witness and our service, from a place of extravagant love and generosity. Beginning with the March 1 worship service, we are receiving pledge cards for indicating how we as individuals or families will support the churchRead More →