Church Postcard 1912
Postcard Photo of the Methodist Church of Morgan Hill, 1912

Our church was founded in the late 1800s. Land was given to the church in 1893 and the public school met in the church until the school was built in 1894. The parsonage, now our Annex, was begun in 1895. The structure still carries the white clapboard look of many of the buildings built then, and a distinctive molded tin ceiling. In recent years, the Fellowship Hall, kitchen and nursery were added. And, thanks to Redevelopment Funds from the City of Morgan Hill, the whole church was refurbished in the late 1980s.

MHUMC is a faith community in the heart of Morgan Hill

The church community has been worshiping in the middle of Morgan Hill since before 1890. We have served Christ and the town from its earliest beginnings. Hand in hand with other churches — we began by meeting with the Baptists — we still carry our commitment to ecumenical ministries.

Nearly forty Methodist pastors have served this church in its hundred years. Thousands of Morgan Hill residents have found a home and a source of spiritual strength in this religious community. And thousands of children have been brought up in the faith.

Pastor G. Russell and Nikki Oaks, 1950-1953

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