UMC General Conference adopts inclusive language

by Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook

May 1, 2024 was a historic day for the United Methodist Church. The General Conference of the United Methodist Church has been meeting since April 23 and will end tomorrow May 3. Most of the legislation is voted on in the last week of the Conference.

Yesterday, the rule against LBGTQia+ being ordained as clergy was voted on to be removed from the Book of Disciple. In addition, the rule against performing same sex marriages was also voted on to be removed. Other petitions to remove all the language about LBGTQia+ are still being voted on.

Celebrations broke out on the convention floor and there was some sadness that this action was too late for many who had wanted to be ordained in the last decades.  The United Methodist Church has believed in inclusion and now the Book of Discipline will support that inclusion.

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