Book study: “The Good Book” – begins April 28

Beginning April 28, 2024, we will be starting a new book study based on “The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart” by Peter J. Gomes, Chair of the Harvard Divinity School.  This book offers a progressive look at developing relationship with the Bible.

We will meet the last Sunday each month in Wesley Cottage, after the worship service.  John Braslin will be leading the study.  Please contact him if you are interested in participating.

The book is available through your local bookseller, online, and on Kindle.  Get more information about this book at GoodReads.

From a review: 

A very lively, excellent, and relevant book on reading the Bible. It was written for readers across the spectrum – from those who are intimidated by it or curious, to those who may feel they know it rather well.

One of my favorite assertions made by the author in this book is that “studying the Bible” does not mean merely reading your preferred translation and thinking of ways to apply it to your life (among peers who agree with you, no doubt).

This book was written by a scholar who ministered at Harvard University for decades. But it is very accessible for laypersons like myself and will surely deepen both your understanding and the capacity of your soul.


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