Jan. 14, 2024: Leadership Team to set goals for 2024

Our Leadership Team will meet on Sunday, January 14, after the worship service, to set our goals for 2024.  We usually set 3-5 goals for the year.  Everyone is invited to attend the meeting.  If you can’t attend the meeting, but have suggestions for our goals in 2024, please send those suggestions to Pastor Linda or a member of the Leadership team.

Our goals follow the “SMART” approach:

  • S = Specific – What, why, when, where
  • M = Measurable – may include milestones
  • A = Attainable, achievable
  • R = Realistic, relevant
  • T = Time-bound

As an example, a goal would be like this:  Do (something specific, achievable, and relevant) as measured by (measure), by (target date).

Using this approach enables us to develop a plan to achieve the goal, and know when it’s done.


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