April 2, 2023 – Palm Sunday Worship Service – “The Celebrity Parade”

“Hey, down in front! I can’t see! Um, who is it, anyway?” “I’m not sure, but I heard he’s going to be a great king, and he’s one of us!  This will be something to tell our future children!” It must have been a crazy time in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, when Jesus and his small entourage entered the town.  In today’s Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Linda brings us back to that day that was pivotal in the life of Jesus and his followers.

Today’s service includes Holy Communion.

Our services are being held with in-person attendance at 10 a.m. Sunday morning.  Today’s service is provided below in its entirety in video format.  Note that closed captioning is available when “CC” appears in white at the bottom of the video panel. Click the CC to see the text; as it is done with an automated service, there may be errors in transcription.

Our Scripture Reading is Matthew 21:1-11. Today’s reading from Matthew provides context for Holy Week (the week preceding Easter) and Easter. Jews were gathering in Jerusalem in preparation for the upcoming Passover. Many had heard of Jesus, and expected him to be a conquering leader like King David, freeing them from Roman rule. As he entered the city, they were joyful and excited, shouting “Hosanna” (“save us”). But he entered not like a political or military leader, on a fancy horse or chariot, but on a donkey. During the ensuing week, it became clear he wasn’t interested in fulfilling the people’s vision, and many turned on him. This led to his crucifixion toward the end of the week – setting the stage for a miraculous Easter.

Good Morning Morgan Hill featured an interview by “Katie Cupcake” (Denise Melroy) of roving reporter Marilyn, who witnessed the parade of palm-branch-waving people welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem.  This episode of Good Morning Morgan Hill is brought to you by the California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church, who urge you to carefully enter the addresses of your email recipients, to ensure your messages get to the right people.

Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook
Rev. Dr. Linda Holbrook

The Palm Sunday message today from Pastor Linda is “The Celebrity Parade.”

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