Relief for local families impacted by January 2023 flood – Thank you!

Following the heavy rains we had in January, a pair of local families were flooded out of their home and farm. Maria and Juan are head of two families that lived on and worked a 20-acre organic farm in Gilroy that was made unlivable due to the flooding.  Get more information about this situation in this ABC News report.

Thank you!! 

Maria with her children, surrounded by Pastor Linda Holbrook, Denise Melroy, and Ted Dubbs of MHUMC, and Rebecca Armendariz of Gilroy City Council.

Through your generosity, we have provided gift cards and funds to help rebuild their lives, along with clothing and hygiene essentials for dozens of adults and children.  Our United Methodist California/Nevada Conference Disaster Relief also provided gift cards.  On behalf of the affected families, Maria offers her thanks for your support. Even though the homes are still being worked on, she says they are able to replant on the same land, and anticipate being able to sell their organic produce again this summer!

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