Worship service – December 4, 2022 – “Characters of Advent: Mary”

During Advent (the four Sundays before Christmas) and on Epiphany Sunday (Jan. 8), we are looking at the Christmas story from the perspective of various characters within the story. Today, on the second Sunday of Advent, Trish brings the focus to Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she became engaged to Joseph, she didn’t “sign up for” a life of being the mother of God, but she handled it with grace and dignity.

Our services are being held with in-person attendance at 10 a.m. Sunday morning.  Today’s service is provided below in its entirety in video format.  Note that closed captioning is available when “CC” appears in white at the bottom of the video panel. Click the CC to see the text; as it is done with an automated service, there may be errors in transcription.

Advent Candles of Peace and Hope are litAdvent Candles: We gather with hope around the Advent wreath with hearts waiting for the Christ child. Let us gather with hearts open and hopeful. Today we light the second candle, the Candle of Peace. May it be for us a reminder that Christ gives the peace which passes all understanding. Let the hope in our hearts pave the way for peace.

In the gospel of John, let us remember these words of Christ: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid.”

As we light the Candle of Peace, may the candle be lit in our hearts, that we might give the peace of Christ to one another.

Our Scripture Reading is Luke 1:26-35 NRSV. The passage we read today is called “The Annunciation of Mary,” when Mary is told by an angel that she’s pregnant with the Son of God. In the Gospel of Luke, the author included details to show that many historical facts and prophecies foretold Jesus’s birth, life, and death. In today’s reading, we hear that young Mary is completely surprised by the appearance of the angel Gabriel and his outrageous announcement. In verses following our reading, we learn that after recovering from the shock, she accepts her role in God’s plan.

Today’s installment of “Good Morning Morgan Hill” features an interview of “Mary” (Lydia Richard) by our intrepid KUMC reporter, “Katie Cupcake” (Denise Melroy).  It’s brought to you by “Trish Catalano’s Clinic for Tongue-Tied Methodists,” or TCCFTTM.


Trish Catalano
Trish Catalano

The message today from Lay Servant Minister Trish Catalano is “Characters of Advent: Mary.”

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