Sermon series: “Compassion”

In summer 2022, we considered the topic of “compassion” in a four-week sermon series.  Compassion is a term that is often misunderstood, and either treated lightly or taken so seriously as to be overwhelming.  To frame the topic, Pastor Linda defined compassion as walking with someone else in their suffering and wanting to take some action to relieve their suffering. As an example, Christ had compassion for the people he came in contact with.

Some of the resources Pastor Linda referenced are these books:

  • “Boundless Compassion: Creating a Way of Life” by Joyce Rupp. (See info here.)
  • “Practicing Compassion” by Frank Rogers. (See info here.)
  • “Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and  Courage Meet” by Joan Halifax. (See info here.)

If you missed some part of this series, or want to hear the message again, you can go to each of the services as they are linked below, and listen to the sermon via the service video.

We are in the first of a 4-week sermon series on compassion. Think back – do you recall a time when you felt compassion from someone else, or witnessed an act of compassion? What made it different from empathy, pity, or condescension? How does one develop compassion? We’ll see how Jesus modeled compassion, and consider how those examples apply to today’s world.

Jesus said we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  But look at how we treat ourselves – do we give ourselves compassion and kindness that we would give others?   Does giving compassion to ourselves mean that we are self-centered?  This week we explore how we practice self-compassion and the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of being kind to ourselves.

August 14, 2022: Go to service
“How to Stay Awake: From Compassion Fatigue to Courageous Compassion”
Our guest speaker, Dr. Haley Feuerhacher, is Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Courageous Compassion.  In today’s message she discusses how living in a world demanding our constant care and vigilance can lead to compassion fatigue that we experience when everything feels urgent, traumatic, and heartbreaking.  Through her story we learn how courageous compassion, and Christ, helped her embody a way of truly living that is transformative.

August 21, 2022: Go to service
“Compassion Living Day by Day”
In this sermon series on compassion, we’ve looked at how we develop compassion for others, how we practice self-compassion, and how we set boundaries to provide compassion without exhausting ourselves. Today we consider how God’s compassion for us is limitless, like the universe God has provided for us. And we look at the tools we’ve put into our “compassion toolkit” to figure out how to practice compassion on a daily basis.

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