California Wildfire Response

Clergy and laity throughout California-Nevada have responded to the call from Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño and are praying with their hearts, hands and feet. We face this fire, as we have faced those in the past and will face those to come in what promises to be a historically catastrophic fire season, by building upon our California-Nevada Conference’s culture of preparedness.

Our conference faith family will continue to make a difference communities assaulted by wildfire as we and face the Dixie Fire and wildfires to come in this season together. Click here to be a part of the recovery effort.

September 1, 2021 – Wildfires, Covid and going home after 25 days
by Marj Goosey, Lay Leader, Greenville UMC (The body of the Church and of Christ still exists even if the building doesn’t)

As you can well imagine, it has been a very challenging 25 days since we learned that most of Greenville is gone. A lot has happened – and then again, it seems time has stood still, too. We received much needed help from the American Legion Department of California – both in material resources and in gift cards to be distributed … with more on the way. The Legion truly follows through on the “Veterans helping Veterans” philosophy.

The fire has now consumed more than 778,000 acres and is 48% contained; it is once again threatening Taylorsville — and there have been several evacuation orders today, though none for the Quincy area.

I have had contact with or about many of the folks that were evacuated from Greenville and still cannot go back to Greenville even if they still have homes to go back to. There is still no power – I just saw where more than 600 PG&E customers in Greenville are still without power – or water in Greenville and there is still the matter of pollutants that need to be cleaned up.

See the full update here.

How you can help

  • Prayer: As Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño says, “We will pray for God’s mercy as we also pray to become agents of God’s mercy by praying with our hands and feet.  “
  • Our financial support is crucial.  Our dollars make gift cards, hotel rooms, groceries, and clean water possible for our brothers and sisters affected by the Dixie Fire and their calls for help are coming. Click here to donate to our California-Nevada Conference Disaster Relief Fund. Click here to send your financial support to UMCOR which supports fire relief and recovery throughout the Western US.
  • Personal response: Steve Elliott, California-Nevada Conference Volunteers in Mission coordinator reminds us that, “Our Conference response to wildfires is very much a ministry of presence – walking along side those in need.”  Here are several ways Steve suggests we can train and prepare for service:
    1.  Click here to register to become a disaster response volunteer.  You will be notified about training and service opportunities.
    2.  Commit to being trained:  Introduction to Volunteering in a Wildfire Response or the Basic Early Response Team Training are both available.
    3.  Offer to serve on one of our wildfire response efforts, either short term during the relief phase or later on during the recovery/rebuilding phase.
    4. Click here to access our disaster response ministry web page with ways to get involved in being part of the recovery.
  • Fire buckets: If you are interested in preparing much needed wildfire buckets contact Sonja Edd-Bennett,, for details on what is required for fire buckets and where they are most needed. These vital fire tools are stowed in our 4 Conference depots close to areas that tend to be most impacted by wildfires.

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