In-person worship services to resume July 11, 2021

By Matthew Hendrickson, President, Board of Trustees

As we finally are able to congregate together again I am very happy to let you all know that we will be opening for in-person worship on July 11!

Also this is the transition between our Pastor Patrick Davis announcing his retirement and the appointment of our new Pastor Linda Holbrook. This is an emotional conclusion to almost 15 months of online-only worship services, where we were unable to congregate, worship, and connect together.  We have all had to endure through this time of disconnection, social distancing and in many cases being unable to be close to our loved ones and families.

On July 4th we will be posting our last prerecorded online service, with Pastor Linda. But, the following Sunday, July 11, we will be back and live for in-person worship. Services will continue to be recorded and will be posted later in the week.

Knowing that as a faithful community we need to keep the safety of our families and friends we are asking all who attend in-person worship to wear face masks (unless health conditions cause any breathing problems). Also we will not be able to resume our normal Fellowship Hour after the Worship Service until the end of July. This is due to some maintenance issues which have occurred in the kitchen. But, by the beginning of August we will be back in full operation again.

Welcome back to the Morgan Hill United Methodist Church! It will be heartwarming to see you all again!  Blessings and Peace to all!


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