Worship Service – October 18, 2020 – “Known by Name”

Children's Worship
Children’s Worship: This week: Rev. George Edd-Bennett explains about being glad, Dixon UMC sings about making a joyful noise and Mort sings about “me” and the universe or is it YOUniverse?

In this third installment of our four part sermon series, during October, on the theme “Pressing On” we focus on the word “presence” — especially on God’s abiding and constant presence — not a random, “force-like” presence that just is. This is an intimate presence, a personal presence, a presence that knows your name.

Follow the entire service in the video here, or go at your own pace with portions of the service provided below.  Note that the video has a “Closed Caption” transcript, accessible by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the video window.

The Opening Hymn sets the mood for the service.  Sing along as Denise plays “Saranam, Saranam” from The United Methodist Hymnal #523.  “Saranam” means “refuge” in the Sanskrit language.

Jesus, Savior, Lord, lo, to thee I fly: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam;
thou the Rock, my refuge that’s higher than I: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.
In the midst of foes I cry to thee, from the ends of earth wherever I may be;
my strength in helplessness, O answer me: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.


Jesus, Savior, Lord, lo, to thee I fly: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam;
thou the Rock, my refuge that’s higher than I: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.
In thy tent give me a dwelling place, and beneath thy wings may I find sheltering grace;
O lift on me the sunshine of thy face: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.


Welcome from from Pastor Patrick:
We’re so glad you have chosen to worship with us today on this World Communion Sunday!

Here Christ welcomes all, and all are welcome.  May the love of God, the grace of Christ, the friendship and peace of the Holy Spirit, be with you.

At Morgan Hill United Methodist Church, our vision, as a faith community, is to create an inclusive, reconciling and progressive spiritual community that welcomes all people based on the teaching of Jesus “to love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

Here, human diversity matters; here, open minds matter; here, prayerful hearts guided by Spirit and rooted in scripture, tradition, reason and human experience matter.  And here God does not discriminate.

The Call to Worship and Litany of the Laity, with Trish Catalano.  Observed on the third Sunday in October, this Sunday calls the Church to celebrate the ministry of Christians of all ages in the home, workplace, congregation, community, and world.

All Christian ministry is Christ’s work of outreaching love.  It demonstrates a common life of gratitude and devotion, witness and service, celebration and discipleship. All Christians are called to Christ’s servanthood in the world, to the glory of God and for human fulfillment.

In our ministry of servanthood is this ultimate concern: that all may be renewed in the image of their Creator, and that all Christians are called to minister in deeds and words that heal and free.

Therefore, today, we name and lift up in this Litany of the Laity, those in our Church, who minister to all of us every day bestowing the grace of God upon this Church and through out the Morgan Hill community;  Let us give thanks for:

  • Darcy our song leader and Chuck  our sound engineer who together have painted our church and provided a lot of yard work.
  • Bill for his weekly faithful gardening of our church grounds.
  • Alex who mows and blows the grass at the church every other week
  • David who serves as a Trustee and our production coordinator, and who with his wife Janet provide special music for our on-line worship services.
  • Denise our church pianist and Steve who provides special music for our on line worship services
  • Geoff and Debbie who serve on our SPRC team
  • Greg in mission to our Coffee on Main Street Day Laborers
  • Janet who maintains our church membership rolls
  • Janet who guides our finance team
  • John who serves on our Board of Trustees
  • Lisa who serves on our SPRC Team
  • Mary who serves on our Trustee Team and directs many of our special events
  • Matthew who chairs our Board of Trustees and serves our Community Meal Outreach Program Sharing the Bounty.
  • Megan who serves as our Laity Leader and with her husband Tim help out with many projects around the church.
  • Trish our Church Administrator and worship assistant to our Pastor and her husband Vince who helps with our Church to Go bag deliveries
  • Wendy our Church Treasurer and who serves and provides direction to our Finance Team and the Leadership Team every month
  • And, Wanda who coordinates our Communication initiatives to the community and our monthly newsletter, coordinates our music as our music director and serves on our worship team, serves as secretary to the Leadership Team and our Annual Church or Charge Conferences.

To all these Saints of the Lord we lift our voice in grateful love and appreciation for their service and witness.  Amen

Please Pray With Me: Holy Lord, you have called us into community as your new covenant to participate in Christ’s ministry of grace. A grace that stretches out to human needs wherever service may convey God’s love and ours. In our ministry of servanthood is this ultimate concern: that all may be renewed in the image of their Creator, and that all Christians are called to minister in deeds and words that heal and free, we pray, in the Light and Way of the Risen Christ, Amen.

Our Gospel hymn is “Make Me a Servant,” from The Faith We Sing #2176, played by our pianist Denise Melroy.

Make me a servant, humble and meek,
Lord, let me lift up those who are weak.
And may the prayer of my heart always be:
Make me a servant, make me a servant, make me a servant today.

Coloring page: Matthew 22:15-22
Coloring page: Give with a thankful heart!

Our New Testament reading is from Matthew 22:15-22  (The Message).  Jesus was asked a question about paying the Roman tax, expecting that any answer he gave would be offensive to someone.  Instead, he counseled them to give to the emperor what belongs to him, and to God what belongs to God. This turned the focus on their failure to repay God.

Our offering is given to the mission and ministry of MHUMC.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is the one true Church whose faith we support with our Prayers, our Presence, our Giving, our Witness and our Service.  I invite you to give generously, as we worship God through sharing our gifts, tithes, and offerings.

Thank you to those of you who have been leaving some dry grocery goods on your front porch for pick up by our Church to Go Bag teams at your home each Saturday.  We are happy to pick them up and deliver them to our local food bank, Reach Out.

It’s also not too late to make a donation to the World Communion offering, or to our Good Samaritan Fund which helps those needing a little more assistance here in our Morgan Hill community.

Remember our gifts come from us, as the people of God, for the work of God, to the Glory of God in the world.

Make a donation

Special Music: “Let it Be” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, played by Steve Cole.

Steve Cole
Steve Cole

The Prayer of the People and the Lord’s Prayer includes these words of comfort:

Gracious God of grace and glory, we give you thanks for calling us to follow as disciples of the Risen Christ. We know that with your gifts of joy and wonder comes the call to mission. Through the grace of our baptism, you have invited us to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ, as priest, prophet and king, and to be part of establishing your kingdom on earth.


Send forth your Spirit among us, and on the people of your Church, that we may be one and, that we become a visible sign of your kingdom on earth. O Lord, protect us, so we may follow Christ more closely. We ask your help in committing ourselves to the living of our faith.


Lord, whatever we do in life may we be sanctified. May we be always grateful for the gift of life and the many blessings we have received, so that we may contribute to a better world.

This we pray as Jesus taught, saying: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever, Amen.”

Pastor Patrick Davis
Pastor Patrick Davis

The message today from Pastor Patrick is “Known by Name.”  This is the third of a four-part series entitled “Pressing On.”  See it in the video recording above, at 24:09.

Go now into this week and speak the word of God in love,
Go now into this week and may your feet walk in the steps of Christ with grace,
Go now into this week and may your hands anoint others with the power of the Holy Spirit—

Closing Hymn:  “The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve”  from The Faith We Sing #2241, played by Denise Melroy.

The Spirit sends us forth to serve; we go in Jesus’ name
to bring glad tidings to the poor, God’s favor to proclaim.

Credits and copyrights

  • “Saranam, Saranam” words trad. Pakistani trans by D.T. Niles, tune trad. Punjabi melody arr. by Shanti Rasanayagam. (c) CCLI License #2718708
  • “Make Me a Servant” by Kelly Willard. © CCLI License #2718708.
  • “The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve” words by Delores Dufner, OSB; USA folk melody. © OCP, used by permission.
  • All other text on this page © The United Methodist Church of Morgan Hill.

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