Preparing to Re-Open Church Facilities

At the May Leadership Team meeting, we gave thanks that “the church” remains open and active despite COVID-19, even though we are unable to meet in person in our church facilities.  Looking forward to a relaxation in shelter-in-place, we brainstormed questions we need to consider as we prepare to return to in-person worship services.  For example:

  • How many people can be allowed in the building at a time, and how do we limit them?
  • Will masks be needed?  If yes, do we need security to protect from “mask deniers”?
  • How to sanitize the pews, bathrooms, etc.?  How to keep bathrooms sanitized while the building is open?
  • When should we open?  Should it be as soon as the County allows, or later?  Could we gather in small groups in homes before gathering all together?  Could we hold multiple smaller services?  Note that many in our congregation will be reluctant to gather with others until a vaccine is available and in use.
  • How do we get people back in sync with the 10am Sunday morning services?  Can we continue to offer the on-demand option?

Many of these questions will be answered by county guidelines, and by protocols provided by our California-Nevada Conference. (See the message from Bishop Carcaño.) However, some relate specifically to our church community, and we want to be sensitive to any special situations.

If you have any special concerns, please contact a member of our Leadership Team, or send a note to Trish in the church office at


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