Worship service – May 10, 2020 – “Be a Living Stone!”

Welcome from Lay Member of Annual Conference Trish Catalano:  If you are participating in this worship experience on this fifth Sunday of Easter, we welcome you and invite you to experience the Presence of the Risen Christ.

The flowers on the altar today are in honor of our mothers living, and those who we remember in the special places of our hearts and memories.

Here Christ welcomes all, and all are welcome.

May the love of God,
The grace of Christ,
The friendship and peace of the Holy Spirit, be with you.

At Morgan Hill United Methodist Church, our vision, as a faith community, is to create an inclusive, reconciling and progressive spiritual community that welcomes all people based on the teaching of Jesus “to love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

Here, human diversity matters;
Here, open minds matter;
Here, prayerful hearts guided by Spirit and rooted in scripture, tradition, reason and human experience matter.
And here God does not discriminate.

Follow the entire service in the video here, or go at your own pace with portions of the service provided below.

The Prelude sets the mood for the service.  Listen as Denise plays “Saranam, Saranam” from UMH #523.  From traditional Pakistani, “Saranam” means “refuge.”

Jesus, Savior, Lord, lo, to thee I fly: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam;
thou the Rock, my refuge that’s higher than I: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.
In the midst of foes I cry to thee, from the ends of earth wherever I may be;
my strength in helplessness, O answer me: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.


Jesus, Savior, Lord, lo, to thee I fly: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam;
thou the Rock, my refuge that’s higher than I: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.
In thy tent give me a dwelling place, and beneath thy wings may I find sheltering grace;
O lift on me the sunshine of thy face: Saranam, Saranam, Saranam.

The Call to Worship from Pastor Patrick is from Psalm 31.

In you, O Lord, we seek refuge;
Be a rock of refuge for us, a strong fortress to save us.
You are indeed our rock and our fortress; for your name’s sake, lead us and guide us.

Opening Prayer

Loving God, in your wisdom you have created us and given us many gifts. Today, we thank you for all that we mean to each other and to our friends and families. We thank you for the love that has brought us to this time and place, and for your love which abides to tie us all together. Where you are, O God, there is love. Amen.

In the New Testament reading, I Peter 2:2-20 (The Message), the apostle Peter makes an analogy of the new Christian community to the living Stone, discarded by the workmen, but instead called and chosen by God for special work.

Our Gospel hymn is “O Living God,” from “Worship & Song” #3089, played by Denise Melroy. It has the traditional American tune “Shenandoah.”

O living God, I long to see you lifted up in all your glory;
to see you there in holy beauty,
O Lord, almighty God, living Christ, I love you.


O living God, I long to praise you heart and voice, with all creation;
to worship you for tender mercy.
O Lord, almighty God, living Christ, I love you.

United Methodist deaconess Cindy Johnson is limited in how she can work with migrants living in a tent camp in Matamoros, Mexico, while they seek asylum in the United States. Photo courtesy of Cindy Johnson.

Our offering is given to the mission and ministry of MHUMC.  Find out more, and see ways to give, on our Giving page.

As United Methodists we are part of a worldwide network of healing, hope and Resurrection faith. It is vital that we continue our giving and practice faithful generosity  as part of our discipleship and spirituality.

The work we share depends on it. In fact, our lives depend upon it. Because, in this time of COVID infection, our United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has first response workers, and many who are volunteers on the front line helping and assisting emergency and health professionals in responding to the needs of people during this pandemic health crisis.

Remember our gifts come from us, as the people of God, for the work of God, to the Glory of God in the world. Amen.

Special Music: “So Far Away,” sung by Bill Tindall.

Building a house with stones
Coloring page: Building a house with stones

The Prayer of the People and the Lord’s Prayer include these words of comfort:

When our hearts are overwhelmed, God lead us to the Rock that is higher—higher than our circumstances, higher than our grief, strong enough to bear our heavy burdens, small enough to be touched and held in our moment of great need.

We thank you, for the many gifts you bring to us. We are especially thankful this day for all mothers…for young mothers who are just  beginning the journey with hardship along the way; for mothers who have died but whose spirit remains such a vital presence in our lives. Awaken in us all, men and women alike, a mothering, nurturing spirit toward one another and toward all creation.

And now, with the confidence of the children of God, let us pray in the way that Jesus taught us to pray saying: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever, Amen”

The message today from Lay Member of Annual Conference Trish Catalano is “Be a Living Stone!”    See it in the video recording above, at 17:50.

Benediction:   Keep this stone with the heart on it and each time you look at the stone remember God’s love us no matter what and never leaves us as we build this house of worship built on a strong foundation.

Closing Hymn:  “Halle, Halle, Halleluja,”  The Faith We Sing #2026, played by Denise Melroy.  This is a traditional Caribbean song.

Halle, Halle, Halleluja!
Halle, Halle, Halleluja!
Halle, Halle, Halleluja!
Halleluja! Halleluja!

“Saranam, Saranam” words trad. Pakistani trans by D.T. Niles, tune trad. Punjabi melody arr. by Shanti Rasanayagam. (c) CCLI License #2718708

“O Living God” words by Ken Bible, tune trad. American. (c) CCLI License #2718708

“So Far Away” by Carole King. © via SheetMusicNow.com.  Used by Permission.

“Halle, Halle, Halleluja” Traditional Caribbean.  Public domain.

All other text on this page © The United Methodist Church of Morgan Hill.

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