Worship service – March 29, 2020

Pastor Patrick Davis
Pastor Patrick Davis

Welcome from Pastor Patrick:  As Christ welcomes all, all are welcomed!  May the love of God, the grace of Christ, the friendship and peace of the Holy Spirit, be with you.

If you are participating in this worship experience, know that you are welcomed by a God who loves you more than you will ever know or even understand.

Here, in this place, ALL are welcome;
Here, human diversity matters;
Here, open minds matter;
Here, prayerful hearts guided by Spirit and rooted in scripture, tradition, reason and human experience matter.
Here God does not discriminate—and all are welcome!
Let us join our hearts and spirits together in this time of worship

Follow the entire service in the video, or go at your own pace with portions of the service provided below.

Call to Worship

Come now and open your heart and behold a miracle
Behold a valley full of dry bones transformed into a people of love and life.
Come now and witness a miracle where graves are opened and death has lost its sting.
Come and worship the one who never forsakes us,
Come and let us worship the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. Amen

I invite you to listen now in prayerful meditation to this great hymn of promise and hope:

Opening hymn:  “Christ is Risen” (United Methodist Hymnal #307)

Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna! Celebrate this day of days.
Christ is risen! Hush in wonder; all creation is amazed.
In the desert all surrounding, see, a spreading tree has grown.
Healing leaves of grace abounding bring a taste of love unknown.

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus’s friend Lazarus.  Read these words from John 11:1-45 (from The Message).

Our offering is given to the mission and ministry of MHUMC.  Find out more on our Giving page.

Pastor Patrick’s message is “Living in the Spirit in a time of pandemic crisis.” Listen to it here:

Closing hymn:  “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”  (The Faith We Sing #2158)

I am weak, but thou art strong; Jesus, keep me from all wrong;
I’ll be satisfied as long as I walk, let me walk close to thee.
Just a closer walk with thee, grant it, Jesus it my plea,
daily walking close to thee:  Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

“Christ is Risen” words by Brian Wren. © 1986  Hope Publishing Co. Used by Permission. CCLI License #2718708

“Just a Closer Walk with Thee” words and music by anonymous. © Public domain

All other text on this page © The United Methodist Church of Morgan Hill

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  1. Awesome message today, Patrick! Sometimes the anxiety to the situation can overshadow the gift of hope. Lots of people are out there on the front lines of this pandemic, and if we can’t be on the front lines, we can still support the warriors by keeping ourselves well and not becoming a statistic. That is an equally noble act. Thanks again!!

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