Plans for “A Way Forward”

To our church community:

Click image to see videoLast week, UMNews hosted a very informative panel discussion on “A Way Forward.”   There are 4 plans to be presented at the February General Conference, Feb 23-26, regarding how the United Methodist Church will be in relationship to the LGBTQAI community.  The 4 plans are:  The Traditional Plan, The Connectional Conference Plan, The Simple Plan and The One Church Plan.  The video of the panel discussion, “Perspectives on a Way Forward,” is well worth taking the time to view as the United Methodist News Service has done an excellent job in bringing together a panel of authors for each of these plans.  The future of the United Methodist Church will be affected by what is decided at the 2019 General Conference in a couple of weeks.

Please take the time to watch the presentation (it is 1 hour and 35 minutes).  Yes, it is long, however, you will have a complete understanding of what is at stake for the United Methodist Church.  Trish and I will be using this video to help us on Sunday, February 17, when those who wish to meet with Trish and me after the worship service for a time of Holy Conferencing as we look at the 4 Plans.

In addition, please see this article by Cate Monaghan, Interim Communications Director for California Nevada Conference of the UMC, which provides a good summary of the plans and the status of the current situation.

God Bless,
Pastor Patrick




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