Morgan Hill United Methodist Church

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Spirit speaks within Community.

Praise and song gladden the heart of God.

In this Word, alive today, we find our Source.

Thoughtful and Relevant
Jesus speaks mysteriously to our Real Lives

Liturgical and Sacramental
The Center of Faith is enacted, the Story is told.
God is Present!

Daily Devotions

Proverbs provided courtesy of the Wired Disciple Project.

Upper Room Daily Devotional

Alive Now Magazine Upper Room Daily Reflections Devozine

The Upper Room also has many other resources that are helpful for personal and small group prayer time.


Scripture Readings

See this week's Scripture passages here, at the Lectionary Planning page.

Each week's Scripture passages are selected using the Revised Common Lectionary. This is the basis for many sermon topics, as well as church school lessons.

The Lectionary has a 3-year cycle, and includes readings from Old Testament, New Testament, and the Gospels. At the end of the 3-year cycle, the entire Bible will have been included! The Revised Common Lectionary is ecumenical (is used by many Christian churches). See this description for more info.


Morgan Hill Prayer of Jesus

On El Toro or in the mountains of foreign lands,
You are our dear heart, our hope, and our sustenance.

From Paradise Valley to Fountain Oaks,
Your dream is our true home.
From Coyote Valley to Hecker Pass,
Your love is our promised land.
From the fields of Henry Coe to
the waters of Uvas Canyon,
Your covenant is our heritage and our future.

Give to each one what we need in this day.
And hold not our past faults against us.
But keep us from the divisions that rise up within us.
And encourage us in the ways of
compassion and inclusion.
Keep us from evil and self-righteous actions.

Clear our limited visions so we can unite our
small villages with the
sweep of humanity across this globe
Till we are one community in peace and in practice,

One family in faith and in feasts; and
One world in grace and love.
© 2009