Morgan Hill United Methodist Church

About the United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is a global Christian church. It is founded from two Reformation Churches, the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren. The Methodist Church was started in late eighteenth century England by John Wesley. The United Brethren in Christ, a German Reformed Church, was started by Philip Otterbein about the same time.

There are four pillars that support United Methodist theology and life:

Personal Spiritual Discipline

Social Compassion

Global Circles Of Community

Constant Dialogue in the Spirit

United Methodists look to four sources from which the word of God's flows.

  1. Scripture: found in both Old and New Testaments
  2. Tradition: the wisdom of the Historic Church seeking out the Holy Spirit
  3. Reason: the God-given faculties of clear, compassionate thought and intuition.
  4. Experience: direct personal and corporate experience of the Divine.

Connections with Other United Methodist Churches

Bishop Minerva Carcano

Morgan Hill United Methodist Church is a local congregation of the International United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is organized by "conferences". Each local United Methodist Church, a Charge Conference, is a member of a Annual Conference. The Annual Conference is divided into Districts, we are in the El Camino Real District. Local representatives of each church meet with the Annual Conference once a year (in this Conference -- the California-Nevada Annual Conference-- we usually meet the third week of June). Each Annual Conference is presided over by a Bishop, ours is Minerva Carcaņo (shown at right). The Annual Conferences join once every four years into Jurisdictional Conferences, which elect Bishops and other administrative matters. And the Annual Conferences also send representative to The General Conference which is the international organization and also meets every four years.
For more information about the United Methodist Church, its structure, theology, history, resources, news, and addresses contact: The United Methodist Church or The General Board of Global Ministries
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Partnership with Other Churches and Other Faiths

We do not claim to hold the only truth, or the only way within either Christendom or the faith communities in the world. Instead, we believe that God is at work in many and mysterious ways. We see ourselves as partners with all who follow Christ and any people who seek to discover God's will or bring about a world more loving, more generous, and more open and inclusive.

Working Together
with Political and Social Institutions
to Enhance the Humanity and Enjoyment of Life

The essence of the United Methodist Way is to get involved -- with one's God, with oneself, and with those around. We believe that God is at work throughout the world and we hope to work with those creating a new world in God's vision and guidance. This is especially true when people make decisions in community or for a community. Great evil and great good is done in the Political and Social worlds. For more information consult the United Methodist Social Principles.