Morgan Hill United Methodist Church

Preservation and Restoration Project

Restoring Victorian style to our historic church
Since our Sanctuary was built in 1893, there have been several expansions and updates. The old oil stove was replaced by central heating, simple benches were replaced by pews (twice), WiFi was added to support modern internet communication. (See the history of the church.) Somewhere along the way, the historic charm of our Victorian church began to fade.

We are embarking on a project to enhance the appearance of the church so that it again can be an attractive venue for special events and weddings. As the only downtown church, and located across from the Community Center, we are in an ideal location.

Preservation and Restoration Project

Sanctuary restoration Phase 1: "New" pews and refreshed floor

Period-appropriate pews

The renovation of our Sanctuary has begun, to bring back its original 1893 Victorian beauty. Antique pews have been acquired, and are being re-sized to fit our space. Below the worn carpet, we found original tongue & groove redwood planking, which was refinished.

This project must be done in time for the Quilt Show associated with Taste of Morgan Hill (September 23-24), so it is moving fast!

How can you help?
- Donations toward associated costs are being accepted.
- Volunteers will be needed at various phases of the project. Watch for emails from our church office for dates/times when help is needed. (You may request the church office add you to the email list, if you do not already receive the weekly announcement emails.)


Donate using Joyfully2UMC How to donate?
We can accept debit and credit through the mobile app Joyfully2UMC. (Select the "Building" fund designation.")
You may also write a check and drop it in the Sunday worship service offering plate or send it to the church office. In the memo line, write "Pew Adoption" or "Restoration" (depending on your choice).

Cleaning sanctuary floor What's already happened? (as of 9/8/17)
- Many thanks go to the volunteers who moved the old pews out, removed the old carpet and padding, and removed the nails and staples from the redwood flooring.
- The "new" pews have been moved from their previous location in Marina, CA, are almost done with being cut to size and touched up.
- The original redwood Sanctuary floor was sanded and refinished. See at right the work in progress.
- We have received sponsorship for the pews. Donations are still needed to cover other aspects of the restoration.
- Worship services were being held in the Fellowship Hall while the Sanctuary was being renovated.
- The "new" pews are being moved into the Sanctuary this week. (See below.) The tin walls and ceiling have been thoroughly dusted and the trapdoors are almost finished. Detail work including thresholds and trim are in work.
- The Sanctuary will be ready for use on Rally Day, Sept. 10!

New pews in Sanctuary