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Connect During Holy Week 2017

Easter! He Lives! March 25 - Palm Sunday. During the 10am service, we first rejoice with the children as the story of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem is remembered. As the service continues, we remember the last week of his life, and the mood becomes solemn.

March 26-30 - Stations of the Cross. The sanctuary is open (9am-5pm daily) for you to walk the Stations of the Cross. Come and go as you like.

March 29 - Holy Thursday Seder Meal. This special meal is part of remembering the last week of Jesus's life, which was during Passover. Please sign up through the church office.

March 31, Holy Saturday Easter Vigil: The sanctuary will be open for individuals to come and go, to offer private prayer and light candles.

April 1 - Easter
   ♦ Sunrise Service led by the Youth. We meet at the Fellowship Hall at 6:30am, then walk a few blocks up Nob Hill for the service. Wear a warm jacket and sturdy walking shoes.
   ♦ Pancake Breakfast follows the Sunrise Service.
   ♦ 9am Celebration Service at Gilroy UMC to welcome the risen Christ. Pastor Patrick is officiating.
   ♦ 10am Fellowship Time
   ♦ 11am Celebration Service at MHUMC to welcome the risen Christ. Pastor Patrick officiates. (Same order of worship as at 9am.)
   ♦ Children's Egg Hunt follows the 11am service.

Sunday Morning Worship

Worship Service begins at 10am (except on Easter - see above), with Music, Worship, Prayer, Community. After the welcoming time, children are excused to age-appropriate Church School.

After the worship service, join us for Fellowship Time, to rekindle relationships, check out opportunities to volunteer, have some coffee and snacks...

Rev. Patrick E. Davis, Pastor

You are welcome here...


Morgan Hill United Methodist ChurchWe have been worshipping in this historic building and uplifting spirits since 1893.

We seek, by the Grace of God, to be the church, with open hearts, open minds, and open doors.

Learn about Reconciling Ministries As an inclusive and reconciling faith community, we are welcoming to all people regardless of race, cultural ethnicity, religious background and traditions, or sexual identity ---

And as a Spiritually Progressive faith community, we question, explore and apply scripture, tradition, reason and experience with an open mind; accept human diversity with an open heart; and promote social justice with an open door, based on the teaching of Jesus to "love one another" (John 15:17) with an emphasis on compassion, forgiveness, and mercy.

Gay, lesbian, and straight people are fully welcome.

We are located 17175 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, California
(two blocks north of Dunne Ave.).
Office hours are 9:30am-12:30pm on Monday and Wednesday.
Phone 408-779-4044.
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